what law-abiding 17 year old goes to see 'liza with a z' at the winter garden and vows to move to new york...  just as soon as she can scrounge up enough money for a ticket back? 

RW, of course... 

the Emmy award-winning stylist, whose stiletto-stomping, risk-taking put 'sex in the city' on the map has 'been a part of it' since the age of seventeen. an influencer with charm, charisma, and gravitational pull, RW is a fashion dichotomy. rubbing shoulders with the hoy-paloy and the  riff-raff, 

designers and thieves

dj’s and gurus, talkers and takers

socialites, moguls, ingénues, 


fasting stars and the starving artists, 

RW attracts the weird and the wonderful with her haphazard genius, her poetic approach to fashion -- for more than three decades, nyc has been her source of inspiration, her motivation, her cultivation and always provides that something even those who have seen everything -- have never seen before.